Visible part of the site. How to attract buyers' attention

Visible part of the site. How to attract buyers' attention

Website creation begins with understanding what it is for. First of all, a website is a tool for doing business. First, evaluate your audience. Think about when customers remember your product, what influences their choice, analyze their tastes and interests. Among the many different sites, not everyone has a user-friendly interface for visitors. Presentable appearance attracts users, convenient location of tabs makes the site clear and easy to use. Create a user-friendly interface that turns visitors into your customers.
Here are some tips for creating a user-friendly interface for your customers.

1. Minimalism

Try not to clutter up the visual part of the site with unnecessary details, a lot of elements, contrasts, transitions. Think about whether a particular block is needed on the page, whether it will not distract users from the main thing and the perception of the necessary information. Minimalism in this case will be on your side, the user should get visual pleasure from working with the site.

2. Ease of use

Remember that the site should be regularly updated with new pages, sections, photos and videos. Most users visit sites from mobile devices, so adaptation of projects for various devices and browsers will be an important function. Check the correctness of displaying links, illustrations and other elements on any screen size.

3. Time costs

In order not to lose potential customers, the pages of your site must load quickly. Appreciate the time of your visitors, not everyone is ready to stay on the site until the desired tab opens. If you have a sufficiently large amount of information with goods, documents, add a search function for various elements - name, number, etc.

4. Communication with the user

User interface is the main means of communication between a visitor and your brand, which is provided by a product or service. A properly thought-out site interface will push the user to perform targeted actions: order a product or service, call a company, download a price list, and so on. The client will definitely return to your site if he liked working with him. Therefore, the resource must be literate and concise.

5. Sociability

Communicate with the user with details. Successful registration on the site, accepted order, page error - data processing should not take a long time. If the user has registered on the resource, ordered a product or service, tell us about his further actions or how to find the necessary information. Speak in a simpler, understandable language so that the user does not have to waste time interpreting incomprehensible words.

6. Major decisions

Analysis of the site interface is very important, because none of the users is interested in what the resource is inside, they need the visible part, simplicity and practicality. Whatever the site is in its structure, you need to know the rule that a good site is a resource that will benefit its users. And what should be its structure - you must decide on the basis of your own experience, research in the field of marketing.
Develop an initially convenient user-friendly interface, attract buyers, develop your business. And we are your best assistants!


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