IT outsourcing: services for the development and support of your company's website

IT outsourcing: services for the development and support of your company's website

Do you want to increase sales and profits of your own company? Do you want to look successful in the eyes of potential consumers and competitors? Do you want to achieve the maximum level of information transparency, which will attract more customers to your product? Then you just need a website!

In this publication, we will talk about the advantages and benefits of creating a company website, as well as the benefits of outsourcing the development and support of the site.

Among the main advantages of creating a website, we highlight the following:
  • the site is an online office of your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, thus you can attract more customers who at any time convenient for them will be able to visit the site, get acquainted with your product / work / service ;
  • site - your business card, with the help of which you can tell your potential clients about you, the location of your offline office, means for quick communication with you, the list of goods and services, pricing policy and much more;
  • on the site you will not only be able to place the necessary information, but also communicate with your clients and site visitors, discuss a particular product, quickly respond to reviews;
  • the site can become an effective advertising tool for you, since 20% of customers learn about you through the information posted on the site, and with proper site promotion, this figure will soon grow.

Thus, the site will create and maintain the image of your company, ensure successful online sales and allow you to establish a strong connection with customers.

But what is your interest if you already have your own website? - Then ask yourself the following questions: does it work as efficiently as you would like; whether it fulfills the functions for which it was created; whether your site is found by customers in a search engine; is the information on your site up-to-date; Is someone from your company engaged in the maintenance and promotion of your site at a level that suits your company? - all these issues can be resolved by outsourcing site support.

Benefits of outsourcing your company's website development and support services:
  1. Your company will resolve the issue of finding the necessary specialists for the staff, since it will receive a ready-made staff of specialists in different directions through outsourcing.
  2. Your business will have more opportunities for growth and expansion, as you will be focused on development and management.
  3. Website development is, first of all, a turnkey job. Our company will undertake the entire project: from the beginning - drawing up a technical task, design development, etc., to the end - launching the site and its further maintenance. The only thing that will be required of you is interaction on all issues and help. This model of work will help to implement the project as soon as possible.
  4. The time of your staff members is spent more efficiently, since each of them will be able to focus on solving priority tasks.
  5. Turning to outsourcing, your company will be able to save on full-time employees, since the costs of a full-time employee are always higher than outsourcing: you do not need to organize a workplace, pay for vacations and sick leave, and you will not have a question about dismissing a full-time employee, as an unnecessary worker upon completion of the project.
  6. Working with our company, you get access to professional developers, specialists in their field, who own a variety of technologies and programming languages, thereby helping to bring to life any of your ideas.
  7. You will be able to protect yourself from force majeure circumstances, such as illness of an employee involved in the creation, promotion and / or maintenance of your site, or his departure from the company. This can improve the productivity of the company.
What do we offer?

You can familiarize yourself with our services for the development of a site, its support and maintenance in the "Services" section.

How to start a partnership?

Before concluding a contract, our project manager will discuss with you the wishes for the future site, the concept of the site, its format, the purpose of its creation and what needs it should satisfy.

If you are interested in website promotion / maintenance, our programmers will audit it for free and inform you about the identified shortcomings. Based on the research conducted and your wishes, a promotion work plan will be drawn up.

Based on the information received, we will draw up the Terms of Reference, write down the plan and scope of work, lines, budget and responsibility that bears the development company and the customer.

We offer various options for the price model of work, namely:
  • Fixed Price - fixed price, agreed lines of work, detailed terms of reference;
  • Time and Material - payment based on labor costs / hours of work of specialists with a focus on the best end result;
  • Fixed Budget - development within the agreed budget, with the main functions of the site being developed first.

Further, we conclude an agreement where we agree on all essential conditions according to the selected price model of work. After that, our specialists get to work, optimize or create a site from scratch, eliminate errors in accordance with the terms of the contract.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied and will not regret that you have transferred the work on the development and support of the website to our company.

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