Errors when creating an online store

Errors when creating an online store

In this article, we will consider the main mistakes when creating an online store. Errors that force visitors to leave your online store.

1. Mandatory registration

“Compulsory registrations repel visitors. Remember people are lazy. And they do not like when they are imposed. These two factors will negatively affect the attitude of customers towards your product.”

2. Scary and broken shop

“Design also plays a big role in the factor of repulsion of visitors. Make your site as clear and easy to use as possible. But don't forget that it must be attractive. Also, if the site contains links that lead nowhere. Or missing pictures. Will negatively affect visits to your online store.”

3. Cheating

“Always provide truthful pricing information. The buyer who sees fraudulent prices will immediately leave your store. Customer confidence comes first. Reputation after such actions is difficult to restore. It is also important to prevent the dissemination of personal data of visitors.”

4. Out of date information

“There should always be up-to-date information on prices, delivery times, availability, etc. etc.”

5. Feedback

“When there is no opportunity or do not respond to feedback and make it clear that there is nothing to do with the person. Wait for black PR in your address. Who likes to be ignored.”

6. Bad service

“Always be nice to your clients if you want them to come back to you. Also inform them about every step of their ordering. If some kind of force majeure has happened, it is better to notify the customer. This will demonstrate the importance of each order.”

7. Inaction

“It is always necessary to make an effort to develop your online store. Otherwise, it will simply cease to exist. You should always promote your online store. Carry out activities for the implementation of SEO optimization, content, etc. etc. Refinement of functionality. You always need to be ahead of the competition.”


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