How to create a selling LANDING PAGE: from the “anatomy” of a landing page to practical tips for creating.

How to create a selling LANDING PAGE: from the “anatomy” of a landing page to practical tips for creating.


One of the services we provide is the service of creating websites - landing pages. So what is a landing page and how it differs from a regular website, we will consider in this article.

LANDING PAGE is a special type of sites (or a separate landing page on the site) that is "sharpened" for the sale or promotion of a specific product / service / event, prompting the site visitor to take action (subscription to advertising, purchase of a product, etc.).

In the traditional sense, a landing page describes a product, its advantages and benefits, and encourages the purchase of this product. Thus, the landing page is designed so that the Internet user, having entered your site and do not know anything about a new product, received full information about it, an overview "from all sides" and made a purchase.

How is Landing different from a regular website, business card website?

Basically, a landing page differs from an ordinary multi-page site only in that the landing page has the maximum amount of means to convince an undefined audience of the need to take an action.

You can also highlight the following differences:
  • The landing page promotes only one product for which it was created, and focuses on this product as much as possible. A typical site can offer many products and services;
  • The landing page is created on the basis of a separate case, that is, on the occasion of the sale of tickets to Sri Lanka or to a concert of a famous artist, this case is exhausted. Landing page is considered as a single project that ends with the achievement of the goal. A regular site is more permanent, has many sections, including a blog, where from time to time certain information is presented to the reader;
  • Landing page, as a rule, is dedicated to one thing, that is, one task is set to "buy a product" or "register for an event", while a regular site is characterized by multitasking;
  • Landing page is always a one-page site, however, this one page can be very long; Landing pages are characterized by a complete lack of navigation, since all information is presented on one page, access to which is carried out using scrolling. A typical site has many pages, navigation, links;
  • It is almost impossible to promote a landing page with ordinary SEO promotion, since you need to buy traffic for it, while a regular site can be promoted with links from other sites, social networks, applications and articles.

We've all heard the expression "Landing page is always a one-page site, but not every one-page site is a landing page."

First of all, this expression concerns a business card site, let's take a closer look!

A business card site is very similar to a landing page, but unlike it, it has a different purpose - to present a product or business on the Internet.

A business card website is created with an informational purpose - to tell about yourself, as well as to improve the company's image, since in the modern world every successful business must have a website.

You can compare a business card site with advertising banners, but only which are on the Internet, and tell your visitors about you.

The main feature of a business card site is that it is highly informative, compact and small in size.

The main differences between a business card site and a landing page are as follows:
  • A business card site is less aggressive than a landing page, since the landing pages necessarily have calls to action (at least 5 pieces) (Triggers, from the English call to action, CTA), the business card site in a calm form tells about you and maximum contains one window for feedback;
  • The business card site tells about you and all your services, while the landing page is dedicated to only one product or service;
  • In landing pages, the order form will always be in front of your eyes;
  • A business card site is primarily a platform for getting to know the company, and the landing page is aimed at direct sales.

Now, knowing the main differences, we can say that a business card site has informational purposes - to tell an indefinite number of people about your business, to raise the image, to increase confidence in the business, and at the same time, as the landing page is exclusively marketing, to encourage the visitor to take action: sell, subscribe, call.

How to create a selling landing page?

The specialists of our company know how to create a landing page that will actually sell. The level of conversion and, accordingly, the amount of profit depends on a well-designed landing page, therefore, when creating it, you should take into account the following:

  • “As you name the ship, so it will float” - no, we are not about the ships, but about the title that your visitor will see first. The title should correspond to the request that the visitor enters in the search bar, it will also be useful to set up multi-landing - all this can provide good traffic on your site;
  • Simplicity and conciseness in the description: do not overload the landing page with unnecessary elements, texts, this can distract the visitor from your main idea. That is, the basic rule when creating a landing page is that the information should be easy to read, not too detailed, which may bore the visitor, but at the same time it should be comprehensive and convince the visitor of the need to perform a certain action - a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter, and the like.
  • Good traffic depends on well-tuned advertising: as it was previously stated that regular SEO promotion is not suitable for a landing page, traffic will have to be bought, while advertising should attract attention and make you want to go to your site through it;
  • Pay attention to the design of the site: it must be stylish and relevant, so that your product looks expensive and successful, but at the same time new and fresh.

To understand what kind of site format you need, you must decide on the goal you are pursuing - to tell about yourself, improve your image, increase sales, and other/

Is it still difficult to decide on the choice of the site format, or is there simply no time to deal with the specifics of site building?

Then contact us, and, having studied the needs of the company, we will select for you the best version of the site, which will take your business to a new level.


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