What is a CRM system and why do companies need it?

What is a CRM system and why do companies need it?

"Philosophy" of CRM-system:

Recently, we very often hear about "CRM systems", so let's figure out what it is and how it can be useful for your business.

Wikipedia says that a CRM system (short for Customer Relationship Management) is an application software for organizations designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (clients).

It's not entirely clear, let's make it more accessible: this is a program that is designed to automate the processes of communicating with customers, optimize marketing, aimed at improving the service of your company by storing information about customers and their requests.

If you plunge into the "philosophy" of the CRM-system, then we can safely say that it was created for and for the sake of your customers, since your client is the center of everything and everything, and the system successfully helps you to provide a decent service due to the constant accumulation and systematization of information about interaction with customers.

Features and benefits of a CRM system:

A modern successful business needs a CRM system for many reasons, but we have identified the most basic ones:

  • CRM-system will help you create a unified customer base and a base of contractors:
    We will be able to develop such a CRM system that will record and store all information about the client, the history of his requests to you, the content of requests and concluded deals, meetings, calls, and so on. The customer base itself can be segmented according to different parameters depending on the needs of the company.
  • Automation of routine tasks:
    Working with a CRM system allows you to reduce your time, for example, by automatically sending out advertising materials, creating documents from a template.
  • Management and control of the work of employees:
    In a CRM system, it is possible to set tasks, distribute tasks among employees, track the progress of tasks, and also set their priorities. This will allow the employees themselves not to forget anything at the same time, and you - to exercise control over the work of employees.
  • Sales management and analytics:
    We will be able to implement in your CRM system the function of tracking the stages of the sales funnel, creating reports of analytics and statistics, which will allow you to ensure sales "in the palm of your hand".
Thus, your CRM system will be able to take on the following:
  • Maintaining a client base;
  • Creation of history of interaction with clients;
  • Mass mailing of materials to clients;
  • Fast creation of template documents;
  • Setting tasks and monitoring their implementation;
  • Creation of statistical and analytical reports on the work.
What kind of CRM systems are there and which one do you need?

CRM systems can be classified according to their purpose:

  • Sales management systems;
  • Marketing management system;
  • Customer service and call center management system.

CRM systems can also be classified according to the level of information processing:

  • Operating CRM system:
    The functionality of this system includes process automation, organization of a client database at all stages, setting tasks for employees and monitoring their implementation.
  • Analytical CRM system:
    This system not only stores information, but also analyzes the accumulated data. This type is suitable for the business where you need to determine profitability, analyze sales, evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.
  • Collaboration CRM system:
    This type is not widespread, but, nevertheless, it takes place and is ideal for products that are developed with the direct participation of consumers through the use of different communication channels (Internet, telephony).
  • Combined CRM system:
    The most common system, as it contains both analytical and operational functions. Also, this type of system integrates with Gmail and is displayed in the interface of your mail.

We are ready to help you choose the type of CRM system that will be most effective for your business; we will select for you a unique functionality that will help you organize the sales process more correctly and efficiently.

Are you already thinking about a CRM system? Then contact us, we will listen to your preferences and advise you on the best option for implementing a CRM system.


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