Analysis of the feasibility of creating a website

Analysis of the feasibility of creating a website

If you decide to promote your business on the Internet, first of all, you need to clearly understand the goals.

Answer the questions:

- For what purposes is the site created?

- What is the target audience of the project? (CA)

First of all, Internet sites can be divided into two main groups in terms of CA.

1. B2B (B&B), when the target audience is companies, participants in the corporate market - the sale of seals for sealing railway cars, containers, various goods.

2. B2C (B&C) here you focus the project on ordinary people, individuals - the sale of goods for motorcyclists.

It is important to understand - what targeted actions for your business should a potential customer do when visiting your site?

This can be, for example:

- to order

- call, download the price list / product catalog

-sign up for an appointment, call the master

- leave contact details

- book a place / tour / ticket / room, etc.

It is important to identify the geographical region (s) to promote the project.

Here is an example that demonstrates current trends in business development using Internet sites as a channel for attracting customers and without it.

Consider two businesses operating in similar market segments - health products.

The owners of the first - developed by expanding the retail network. They have several retail outlets.

The owners of the second - developed an online store, had only one outlet in the city and made the delivery of goods to customers at home.

Over the past three years, the first business has shown positive growth dynamics in parallel with the increase in the number of retail outlets, and after the fall of the hryvnia, stagnates and is on the verge of break-even point.

The business in which they relied on the online store has grown more than three times in three years and the fall of the ruble has not yet affected the dynamics of sales.

The sales geography of both businesses is the same, limited to one city. Product groups are similar.

Even if the sales dynamics of the online store deteriorate, it will have one undeniable key advantage - in contrast to the first, you do not have to pay the rent of retail space, the salary of sellers and associated taxes and expenses.

In general, the project, which relied on the online store in the current period, was more economically sustainable than the classic offline business.

The current economic situation is forcing many companies to revise their business models to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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