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You can find inspiration by doing quality work.



Development of a unique design. Implementation of customized solutions



Creation of a project in a tight time frame. Project support. Improvements.



Development of global projects and small solutions

Our Services

Landing Page

Landing is a special type of one-page website that aims to sell a specific product or service.

Corporate website

A company website, which may include information about the company, its products and services, a contact form, a news archive.

Business card website

This is a site that summarizes information about a company, product or service.


This site is about listing and describing the products or services of companies, categorized by subject.

Online store

A catalog site with the ability to order goods and services.

Internet portal

A large complex site consists of: sections, directories, forums, news archive, image and video gallery.

CRM systems

CRM system for business for business management is a reliable assistant for stealing your business.

Design development, website redesign

Design is one of the most important traffic factors for your site.

Developing email templates

Email marketing is not just sending out promotional emails, it is a communication channel with customers, and, accordingly, profit growth.


We offer our clients options for cooperation in the form of support, in case of emergency situations on your website, an ambulance.

IT Lawyer Consulting

We offer services from the registration of Companies in legal protection in court, including: the development of legal documents for your site, an audit of the site with the provision of a list of recommendations in order to protect against claims of third parties, regulatory and law enforcement agencies, maintenance claim handling and tax optimization.


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TeaIT - We are a team of developers who love what they do. Creating a quality product is our credo. We do our job with love, which pleases our customers.

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Dmitry D.


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Errors when creating an online store

Errors when creating an online store

In this article, we will consider the main mistakes when creating an online store. Errors that force visitors to leave your online store.


Successful web studio

Successful web studio

It will help you understand modern Internet technologies and raise your business to a new level!


Making your online store profitable

Making your online store profitable

Everyone faces a problem when there is a ready-made website, but it does not make a profit. The profitability of an online store determines the level of satisfaction of its visitors.



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